Leverage S4 Gag Reel (by dandiandi22)

And This is Why I Love Them… <3 :))

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HARDISON: Dude, we brew our own beer now!
PARKER: Yeah, and we’re calling it “Thief Juice.” “Tastes like bad guys”
HARDISON: Hey, no, we’re not. I told you… the suggestion…-
ELIOT: This is the dumbest idea you’ve ever come up with.
SOPHIE: Thank you.
ELIOT: Pairing food and drink is hard enough with the wine, okay? They have textural and taste consistencies. Throughout both the vineyard and the grape categories. Okay. But you’re not dealing with wine, you’re dealing with beer. It’s got a stronger palette. The brew pub menu is the hardest menu to design!
SOPHIE: That’s what you’re upset about?
ELIOT: … You’re not?

Leverage; 5.01 - The (Very) Big Bird Job

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“Who’s we?”

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